About Us

Maddie's Closet is an online and mobile women's clothing and accessories boutique based out of Beaufort, South Carolina. Yes, you read that right...a mobile boutique!! We offer a unique shopping experience for women throughout the Lowcountry by being able to do pop ups and fun events out of our 16 ft boutique on wheels! Online and in our mobile boutique, we carry specially, curated pieces including tops, bottoms, dresses, rompers, graphic tees and sweatshirts, jewelry, and accessories!

Meet the owner

Her Story                

Maddie Greene is the owner of Maddie's Closet Boutique. She was born in Beaufort, raised partly in Estill, South Carolina, and moved to Beaufort at 11 years old and has been a local since! She graduated from Bridges Preparatory School in 2021. Most of Maddie's life, all she wanted was to serve in the medical field to help others.  As she was accepted into multiple colleges, and attended technical colleges, she imagined her life working in the hospital. She moved to Aiken, SC to attend Augusta Tech to pursue ultrasound. Eventually, she found that the medical field was not for her. After her outlook on life of working in the medical field faded, a new outlook on life of being a business owner grew. She left school and moved back to Beaufort and soon enough, she went from books to business! 

The Name 

During the first couple of months of living with her best friend and roommate, Kaya, Maddie seemed to be the one with ALL of the clothes. Kaya frequently borrowed her clothes and joked that she was shopping in "Maddie's Closet." Jokes aside, when Maddie told her roommate that she was going to be a

boutique owner, she encouraged and supported her through every step of the way. As they talked for nights on end, trying to think of a unique name, it was obvious that they could not escape "Maddie's Closet." After weeks of hard work and research, and with the support of her family, boyfriend, and friends, that's how Maddie's Closet Boutique was born. 

Her Values


Family is something that is a priority for Maddie. Her family loves, supports, and encourages her through everything in life. She may be independent, but Maddie truly values her family's opinions and advice and especially looks up to her parents, step parents, and grandparents. Maddie loves spending time with her cousins on both sides of the family and cherishes the memories they've made throughout the years. One thing that comes naturally in her family, is southern hospitality. They are giving,thoughtful,kind and most importantly, great cooks!


Maddie says her faith is priority over everything. Even though her home, family, friends and business are very important, there is no way she would have those aspects of her life without her Lord and Savior. As Maddie grew up in church, the older she got, the more she gained a relationship with God.

Maddie wishes that if anyone were to gain knowledge about one thing from her, she hopes it would be this-  Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Anything that Maddie and her family have accomplished in life, it has all been to the credit of Jesus.